How to Find the Best Austin Italian Food for Date Night

Finding the perfect date spot in Austin is a challenging task. What with hundreds of restaurants to choose from, and all the personal criteria individuals have for finding that perfect date spot, selecting a great dining location can be time consuming.

What are the Best Date Night Austin Choices?

There are scores of cuisine types out there, and various places to eat that offer a certain type of ambiance. According to a 2018 Quora report, 5000 people aged 25-35 were surveyed regarding the desired atmosphere and cuisine option for the perfect date night. 78 percent agreed that a mix of elegance with casual flare sets the scene for a perfect date night, and 82 percent said Italian restaurants are the ideal cuisine type for setting a romantic and playful experience. Therefore when it comes to finding the best Austin Italian food for date night, locating a restaurant with these qualities is ideal.

The Best Austin Italian Food has Amazing Pizza

Having authentic Italian pizza on a date is a tradition, and when looking for the perfect date night Austin experience, an Italian restaurant with amazing pizza is ideal. Make sure the Austin Italian restaurant has a brick oven to give the crust the perfect texture– crips on the outside and silky soft on the inside. The best Austin pizza should also have high-quality mozzarella cheese and authentic tomato sauce to give that authentic taste. You should also make sure they use fresh basil, and offer a variety of pizzas with the classic margarita pizza which goes well with red wine.

Look for Italian Austin Restaurants with a Great Wine List

Wine pairs well with a date, so when looking for the perfect Italian restaurant for your special night out, make sure it has an exceptional wine list. There should be a collection of reds and whites, as well as rosé options and champagne choices. There should be several selections that are good yet gentle on the wallet, as well as rare bottles for extra special date nights. Make sure you can order wine by the glass, or by the bottle.

The Pasta Has to be Make In House

The perfect date nights at an Italian restaurant must come with house-made pasta to give that authentic taste and texture. Homemade pasta also tends to hold the sauce better, and adds to the intimate setting you are creating by offering that extra layer of high quality in fine dining. Look for an Austin Italian restaurant that offers a variety of pasta types. From linguini and cannelloni to pappardelle and tortellini, make sure there are many options with various sauces and ragus.

Date Night in Austin Calls for Italian Food

When looking to take that special person out on the town for an unforgettable date, seek the best Austin Italian restaurant that has amazing pizza, a great wine list, and multiple types of pasta. With this classic combo, and an intimate setting, you can’t go wrong!