Trends To Look Like An Influencer

The spring-summer trends have not yet reached the streets but we can see them on Instagram, fashion magazines and stores. If you want to be confused with a fashionable influencer, take note because these are the clothes, accessories and cosmetic dentistry Tijuana Mexico that will lead to look like one of them. If they add more than one in the same style, more likely to generate confusion.

Tiny sunglasses
Almost microscopic that do not cover the eyes and whose effect is halfway between your grandmother’s reading glasses and the sun of a little boy who steps on the beach for the first time. The futuristic style of the Matrix serves as inspiration. The blinding light of our Mediterranean sun will be responsible for frowning and squinting those who adopt this trend.

Pastel costumes
Well history is on track to repeat itself, this time, with a flowing suit and soft yellow tone from the same store. Pastel suits are fashionable.

Bikini and swimsuit eighties
There is no faster or more efficient weight loss method than raising the waistband as much as possible. That’s what bikinis and swimsuits are like, high-waisted like those worn by beach watchers. This season adds that the fabric should be as far away as possible from the lycra, that they are able to absorb as much water as possible and not dry until the end of summer. No one ever said that the influencers’ fashion should be comfortable.

Bling, bling
The brightness, the pailletes -more known as sequins- and any variant that dazzle takes and not only at night. The triumph of the bling, bling extends from sun to sun and is a loaded weapon difficult to handle. At any time the chic of a styling based on brightness that in our mind is pure jet-set inspiration can turn us into an old-fashioned version of Las Grecas, which is to say. It is a high risk trend, handle with caution.

Straight jeans frayed
They are everywhere, they are the jeans of the season and we will find them in all possible variants. Broken, worn, with painted details, tacks and a long etcetera. The common denominator of all of them is the straight pattern, short to the ankle and frayed.

Palazzo pants
Although on more than one occasion it would be correct to use this name. This type of pants in width, high waist and usually go at ground level, dragging most of the time. It is not the most flattering garment but for more or less a year it has been a constant in both its winter and summer versions. This season we will see them in their short variant, below the knee or just above the ankle. Length that together with its width makes the garment even more complicated to wear and despite the good intention of many, it ends up giving them more of a disgust when they look in the mirror.